A script that you can run in the background!


This will ensure two things:
1) Automate nmap scans. 2) Always have some recon running in the background.

Once you find the inital ports in around 10 seconds, you then can start manually looking into those ports, and let the rest run in the background with no interaction from your side whatsoever.


  1. Quick: Shows all open ports quickly (~15 seconds)
  2. Basic: Runs Quick Scan, then runs a more thorough scan on found ports (~5 minutes)
  3. UDP: Runs “Basic” on UDP ports (~5 minutes)
  4. Full: Runs a full range port scan, then runs a thorough scan on new ports (~5-10 minutes)
  5. Vulns: Runs CVE scan and nmap Vulns scan on all found ports (~5-15 minutes)
  6. Recon: Runs “Basic” scan “if not yet run”, then suggests recon commands “i.e. gobuster, nikto, smbmap” based on the found ports, then prompts to automatically run them
  7. All: Runs all the scans consecutively (~20-30 minutes)

I tried to make the script as efficient as possible, so that you would get the results as fast as possible, without duplicating any work.


Required: Gobuster v3.0 or higher, as it is not backward compatible.
You can update gobuster on kali using:

apt-get update
apt-get install gobuster --only-upgrade  

Recommended: nmap vulners scrip “for CVE scan”

Examples of use:

./nmapAutomator.sh All
./nmapAutomator.sh Basic
./nmapAutomator.sh Recon

If you want to use it anywhere on the system, create a shortcut using:
ln -s /PATH-TO-FOLDER/nmapAutomator.sh /usr/local/bin/

Download nmapautmator https://github.com/21y4d/nmapAutomator


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